Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sign of Spring

On our hike Sunday, we yelled out "sign of spring!" when any of the four of us saw a white flower, a budding tree, or a determined green shoot. Such a relief to see them.

Here is another sign--what says spring more than a bright yellow Easter dress for a little girl? I've been meaning to make my little girl a dress since she was two--she's now six. I even bought patterns and fabric in the past, but this is the first dress to cross that boundary from plan to execution.

I won't be entering this into any county fairs, and let's all agree not to check whether the seams line up....perhaps a zipper, pleats, and a lined bodice weren't the best choices for a first dress. But all that said, I'm pleased with it.

And you should see Leah's reaction. She twirled and twirled, asked if she could wear it to school, asked if she could wear it to bed. What took me so long? Definitely a sign of spring.

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